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CountrySide - A Community on the Potomac...

CountrySide, a master planned community, consists of 2,539 homes (1253 single family, 1168 town homes, 16 manor homes, and 102 condominium units in the Villa's). The community was completed in 1991, and the homeowners' association is known as the CountrySide Proprietary.

The purpose of this site is to provide homeowners of our community with easy access to our association and information relevant to our neighborhood and community.

Important Trash Schedule Update

Due to potentially hazardous road conditions from the inclement weather, AAA will not be collecting trash on Thursday, March 5, 2015.

Trash collection in the affected communities (Foxfield, Oatlands, & Moven) will occur on Monday, March 9, 2015 on the regular operating schedule.  Recycling collection in the affected communities will occur on Saturday, March 7, 2015.

Morven Board of Directors Vacancy

There is a vacancy on the CountrySide Proprietary 2015 Board of Directors for the Morven neighborhood. We are currently accepting applicants to fill this vacancy. The CountrySide Proprietary Bylaws state “in the event of a vacancy, his/her successor shall be selected by the remaining Elected Directors and shall serve for the unexpired term of his/her predecessor.”  If you are a homeowner in the Morven neighborhood of CountrySide and would like to make a contribution to your community, please consider applying to represent your neighborhood on the Board of Directors.

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Volunteers Needed!

In a few hours a month, you can make a difference!  As a volunteer, you vote on important neighborhood issues.  We need your input, energy, and feedback on the following committees:

  • Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) - 12 vacancies, Foxfield, Moven, Oakridge, Oatlands, Rokeby, & Welbourne
  • Community Relations Committee (CRC) - 1 vacancy, Foxfield
  • Facilities (FAC) - 1 vacancy, Welbourne
  • Grounds (GRNDS) - 1 vacancy, Morven
  • Finance (FIN) - 1 vacancy, Welbourne

If you have the desire to serve, and are available one night a month, please contact Aimee Round at the Proprietary Office at (703)430-0715.

Loudoun County Vehicle Personal Property Tax Decal Information

I am a new resident of Loudoun County, living outside of an incorporated town. Where do I obtain a decal?

If you live in Loudoun County, but outside of an incorporated town, you should first file a personal property return with the Commissioner of the Revenue and then contact the Loudoun to obtain a Loudoun County decal. You must display this decal on your vehicle within 60 days of purchasing or moving a vehicle into Loudoun County. If you have a current, unexpired decal issued by another Virginia locality, or have paid the license fee to another Virginia locality, you may be issued the Loudoun County decal free of charge. Otherwise, the fee for obtaining a Loudoun County decal is $25.

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Exciting News!!!
As part of our recent contract negotiations, Republic Services has agreed to lease a FREE recycle cart to the first 1,269 residents who order, on a first come first serve basis. (read more)
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