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CountrySide - A Community on the Potomac...

CountrySide, a master planned community, consists of 2,539 homes (1253 single family, 1168 town homes, 16 manor homes, and 102 condominium units in the Villa's). The community was completed in 1991, and the homeowners' association is known as the CountrySide Proprietary.

The purpose of this site is to provide homeowners of our community with easy access to our association and information relevant to our neighborhood and community.

Partial Eclipse of the Sun

Where: Toboggan Hill by Parkway Pool Parking Lot

When: Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014 - 4:00 PM to sunset (6:17 PM)

In the late afternoon/early evening hours before sunset there will be a partial eclipse of the sun. This is when the moon passes in front of the sun. The sun will set in eclipse but we can see phases of it as the sun sets in the west. We will set up at 4:00 PM for initial solar viewing to show sunspots and solar prominences. (read more)

Annual Halloween Boo Fest

Ride your broomstick to the Parkway Pool House and join us for our Annual Halloween Boo Fest

Saturday, October 25th


Parkway Pool House

(read more)

Common Area Treatments

ValleyCrest is currently scheduled to apply the fall fertilizer treatments to the turf areas and common area trees between October 20th and October 31st, weather permitting. These services are weather dependent and will be subject to delay if weather conditions are not favorable. Signs will be posted at the community entrance at least 48 hours before the applications begin.

Halloween House Decorating Contest

On Wednesday, October 29th, beginning at 7pm a team will be out and about looking at homes throughout CountrySide to identify those displaying the best holiday spirit. On Thursday, October 30th, beginning at 7pm, from those houses selected the night before, the final judging will take place.

If you feel that your house or a neighbor’s home has what it takes to be the best, please contact Kelly Beavers at the Proprietary Office at 703-430-0715 ext. 3016, or at to let us know. (read more)

Questions to ask a Potential Home Day-Care Provider

When parents search for a caregiver, they can face a confusing landscape in Virginia.

There are large centers, licensed and governed by rules covering everything from square footage per child to credentials for employees. There are also licensed family homes, with smaller numbers of children. And then there are unregulated homes, which can operate legally as long as the caregivers watch no more than five children not related to them. The unregulated face no inspections, background checks or regulations.

For parents, here are several questions to ask at home day cares. These are tailored to Virginia but could serve as general guidelines. (read more)

Total Lunar Eclipse of the Moon

In the early morning hours before sunrise on Wednesday October 8th there was an eclipse of the moon. This is when a full moon passes into the shadow of the earth. The moon set while in eclipse but we could see phases of it as the moon set in the west while it was dawn in the east.

The shadow of the earth first touched the moon at 5:15 AM and gradually covered the moon over the next 70 minutes and then stayed total as the moon descended in the west. The sun rose at 7:10 AM, the moon set in total eclipse.  If anyone has photos that they would like me to post on the web, please contact Kelly Beavers via email and I will post your photos on the web. Please click on the link below to see photos from yesterday’s Total Lunar Eclipse.

Photos of the Lunar Eclipse

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