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We have been asked to convert the remaining Foxfield tennis court into a second multipurpose court.
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The Town House Pine Tree Sub-Committee (THPTSC) has developed a plan for trimming and/or removing common ground pine trees with cones overhanging reserved parking spaces in four neighborhoods: Oakridge, Morven, Foxfield, and Welbourne. This entails trimming 26 pine trees plus removal, grinding, and replacement of 28 additional pine trees in CountrySide. 

The remedial action plan for specific common ground pine tree locations that affect reserved parking spaces in your neighborhood are available here (2010 THPTSC Actions ) and at the Proprietary Office.

Completing the planned tasks is costly and requires a two step process to carry out. 

Step 1 begins this fall and accomplishes all the recommended trimming / removal activities for reserved parking areas in Oakridge and Morven.  It also includes doing as much work as can be accomplished in the Foxfield and Welbourne neighborhoods, by working down the lists in these neighborhoods until the 2010 budgeted funds are depleted ($20,400.00).

Step 2 begins next year, assuming THPTSC 2011 budget requests are approved, and completes the trimming/removal activities in Foxfield and Welbourne. It also includes the installation of replacement plantings in Oakridge, Morven, Foxfield, and Welbourne neighborhoods, to enhance landscape aesthetics in the reserved parking areas.

We encourage all interested residents to review the list for your neighborhood to see which trees may be affected by your reserved parking space.

We look forward toward working together as we improve your community.

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