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Snow Removal Policy


A twelve foot (12’) wide area will be cleared on each street.

Every effort will be made to push the snow to a location which provides the least amount of obstruction to parked vehicles (normally the medians and open grassy areas)

The contractor will attempt to clear snow from the areas in front of fire hydrants and mailboxes. A reasonable standard of care will be exercised not to damage the streets or curbing.

In the event of freezing rain or icy conditions, the streets will be sanded. Salt is not used on CountrySide roads.

The only pathways that are cleared of snow are along Algonkian Parkway, near the school, and along CountrySide Boulevard leading from Algonkian Parkway to the shopping center.



Austen Court - VDOT
Awsley Court - VDOT
Bedford Drive - VDOT
Bentley Drive - VDOT
Braxton Drive - VDOT
Carrollton Road - VDOT
Crisswell Court - VDOT
Cumberland Court - VDOT
Devenshire Court - VDOT
Exeter Court - VDOT
Foxmore Court - VDOT
Halifax Court - VDOT
Lindenwood Court - VDOT
Lipscomb Court - VDOT
Newland Court - VDOT
Oakdale Court - VDOT
Rawlston Court - VDOT
Webley Court - VDOT
Westmoreland Drive - VDOT
Wickham Court - VDOT
Wiltshire Court - VDOT
Worthington Court - VDOT


Alden Court - CP
Asbury Way - CP
Bentwood Road - VDOT
Bickel Court - CP
Clinton Court - CP
Devon Court - CP
Dorrell Court - CP
Fairmont Court - CP
Gannon Way - CP
Harbert Court - CP
Huntley Court - CP
Marian Court - CP
Mercer Court - CP
Palmer Court - CP
Quincy Court - CP
Sarret Way - VDOT
Southall Court - CP
Spotswood Road - VDOT
Wyatt Court - CP


MORVEN  View Map

Aldridge Court - CP
Byron Court - VDOT
Carter Court - VDOT
Griswold Court - VDOT
Harrow Court - VDOT
Haxall Court - CP
Ludwell Court -CP
Lyndhurst Court - CP
Millard Court - CP
Paxton Court - CP
Powell Court - VDOT
Rutledge Court - VDOT
Teasdale Court - VDOT
Thales Way - VDOT
Vinson Court - VDOT
Whittingham Circle - VDOT


Amersham Court - VDOT
Chelmsford Court - CP/VDOT
Christopher Lane - VDOT
Dunbar Way - VDOT
Felsted Court - CP
Finchingfield Court - CP
Forester Court - VDOT
Lowery Court - VDOT
Owens Court - VDOT
Prescott Court - VDOT
Rutherford Circle - VDOT
Stafford Court - VDOT
Steed Place - VDOT
Sulgrave Court - CP
Thorton Court - VDOT
Waltham Court - CP


Bentmoor Court - VDOT
Brinks Court - VDOT
Brookmeade Court - VDOT
Darian Court - VDOT
Dudley Court - VDOT
Fenton Wood Drive - VDOT
Ferguson Court - VDOT
Glengyle Court - VDOT
Glengyle Lane - VDOT
Jeremy Court - VDOT
McCarty Court - VDOT
McPherson Circle - VDOT
Meskill Court - VDOT
Selden Court - VDOT
Whaley Court - VDOT

ROKEBY  View Map

Clapham Court- VDOT
Coleman Lane- VDOT
Hamilton Road- VDOT
Minor Road- VDOT
Moss Road- VDOT
Mucklehany Lane- VDOT
Peyton Road- VDOT
Russell Court- VDOT
Turner Lane- VDOT
Tyler Lane- VDOT
West Court- VDOT


Benton Court - CP
Berkley Court - CP
Conoy Court - CP
Dulany Court - CP
Hopton Court - CP
Jermyn Court - CP
Mosby Court - CP
Nicholson Court - CP
Redlin Court - CP
Vandercastel Road - CP
Cromwell Road - VDOT     


*Westwick Court- Villas (Separately maintained by The Villa's Condo Association)*

CP streets are maintained by CountrySide Proprietary. Costs associated with the maintenance, repair, and replacement of CountrySide streets are included in assessments of the townhomes.

VDOT streets are maintained by the State of Virginia. The streets that are owned and maintained by Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), please report unplowed roads, and hazardous conditions to or call 1-800-367-7623. To see the status of plowing in Northern Virginia neighborhoods:

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