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The "CountrySide Pond" is located between the Oakridge and Belmont neighborhoods and was recently enhanced with the addition of benches placed on gravel and concrete to provide a mudless site for anglers and picnickers.


Click here to see a map noting the location of the pond.


In February 2009 at the Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) meeting, a proposal was introduced to stock the pond with Largemouth Bass and a food chain of aquatic species to sustain the Bass. In addition, a re;ated proposal was offered to attempt to lessen the amount of aquatic vegetation that was currently overwhelming the pond. The application of barley straw was suggested as a known means to accomplish this. Both proposals were agreed to by the NAC and recommended to go before the Grounds Committee to be assesses and executed if agreed to an if funding requirements were met.


The Grounds Committee, at the March 2009 meeting, approved the measure unanimously. The Bass and assorted food chain species arrived at the pond on April 14, 2009.

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